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Made from linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) Grade R 50035E. This material complies with US and European recommendations and statutory regulations for drinking water tank production.

O.R.E. Plastic

Baz is the chief manufacturer of Plastic Tanks to include agricultural, commercial and personal use. We offer different shapes and sizes we use the best quality of raw materials in the market, the same materials that been used for food storage.

Company Overview

BAZ achieves growth through innovative development of PE (Polyethylene) tanks. We operate according to international quality standards. We strive to serve customers in diverse industries. We are proud to be environmental friendly; all our tanks are 100% recyclable.


Our mission is to exceed the expectations of our customers by delivering the highest quality product while being fast, reliable and superior that is unsurpassed by our competitors.


Through the extensive achievements of our highly committed team, we strive to remain the premier choice for rapid plastics solutions. We will continue to work towards making a difference in the lives and future of our employees and our communities while advancing the success of our customers.


Made from (PE) polyethylene. This material complies with US and European recommendations and statutory regulations for tank production.

  • Dimensional stability and close tolerance achieved by controlled manufacturing process
  • Made from LLDPE, which is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration as safe for contact with potable water
  • Special UV-resistant grade offers excellent weathering resistance in harsh climatic conditions
  • Three layer (Gray/black/Gray) construction prevents growth of algae
  • Excellent smooth inner and outer surface finish facilitates easy cleaning
  • Single piece monolithic construction offers no chance of any leakage through joints or other openings
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Threaded lid prevents ingress of dust, dirt and insects (flying/crawling) into the tanks and thus keeps water safe and free from contamination
  • Available Colors:
  • 500L

    Landlr - Tourquoise


    Landlr - Tourquoise Landlr - Tourquoise


    Landlr - Tourquoise Landlr - Tourquoise


    Landlr - Tourquoise


    Landlr - Tourquoise


    Landlr - Tourquoise

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